2017 NDSS DNS Privacy Workshop


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All times are PST.

Session (Time) Speaker Paper

1: Privacy Protocols


Laura M. Roberts
Christian Huitema
DNS Privacy through Mixnets and Micropayment (slides)
Christian Grothoff

2: The Leaky DNS Boat


Wes Hardaker
Amir Herzberg
Sharon Goldberg
Eran Messeri

3: Encryption to the Rescue?


Panel Discussion
The Tension between DNS Privacy and DNS Service Management_Heidemann
The Tension between DNS Privacy and DNS Service Management_Kaeo
Lanlan Pan
Sara Dickinson The Usability Challenge for DNS and End Users (slides)
Daniel Kahn Gillmor
Invited Talk: An Empirical Comparison of DNS Padding Schemes (slides)
Christian Huitema
DNS Service Discovery Privacy (slides)
Willem Toorop
Trustworthy DNS Privacy Services (slides)

4: Going Forward: Engineering and Future Directions


Panel Discussion
DNS-over-TLS Service Provision Challenges (slides)
Breakout Session Working groups creating content for the workshop report including conclusions, recognised challenges and research agenda recommendations.