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This site is the home of a collaborative open project to promote, implement and deploy DNS Privacy. The goals of this project include:

(1) Raising awareness of the issue of DNS Privacy
(2) Empowering users to take advantage of DNS Privacy tools and resources (client applications, DNS Privacy resolvers)
(3) Evolving the DNS to support DNS Privacy and in particular developing new DNS Protocol standards
(4) Working towards full support for DNS Privacy in a range of Open Source DNS implementations including: getdns, Unbound, NSD, BIND, PowerDNS and Knot (Auth and Resolver)
(5) Co-ordinating deployment of DNS Privacy services and documenting operational practices

Among the many contributors to this project are Sinodun IT, NLnet Labs, SalesForce, Surftnet, NLnet Foundation, OTF, Stephane Bortzmeyer and No Mountain Software.

Ongoing DNS Privacy work

Feb 2024

Jan 2024

Dec 2023

See all previous DNS work

Overview of DNS Privacy Status

High level overview of ongoing work on DNS Privacy with monthly updates

IETF Working Groups

Catch up with the latest standards being developed to support DNS Privacy in the DPRIVE Working group.
Work on adaptive discovery mechanisms for DNS is happening in the ADD Working Group

Encrypted DNS Deployment Initiative (EDDI)

Catch up with the latest work done by the Encrypted DNS Deployment Initiative, a community effort to ensure the the smooth global adoption and reliable operation at scale of DNS encryption technology.

Reference Material

For a list of useful RFCs, Internet Drafts and presentations see the Reference Material page.


Thanks to NLnet Foundation, OTF and the Comcast Innovation Fund for donations to support DNS Privacy work. Thanks for past support from Verisign Labs.


If you are interested in contributing to the project please contact:

We have a Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

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