'Stubby' is an application that acts as a local DNS Privacy stub resolver (using DNS-over-TLS). Stubby encrypts DNS queries sent from a client machine (desktop or laptop) to a DNS Privacy resolver increasing end user privacy.

Stubby is developed by the getdns project.

For more background and FAQ see our About Stubby page. Stubby is in the early stages of development but is suitable for technical/advanced users. A more generally user-friendly version is on the way! Stubby is being moved to its own home on github so keep an eye on this page for updates.


Why Use Stubby?

Read about the problem with DNS Privacy and how Stubby helps

Key Features:

Stubby was first available in the 1.1 release of getdns, it is recommended to use the latest getdns stable release.


Stubby is supported on several platforms:

We hope to have support on mobile platforms in the future


See our Stubby configuration guide.


Bugs or feature requests can be directed to either

How can I contribute to the getdns/Stubby projects?

Other options

Other ways to run a privacy daemon are: