Welcome to the T-DNS project home page

Sinodun is contributing to the collaborative T-DNS (TLS protected DNS) project which is headed up by Verisign Labs. The T-DNS project is aimed at providing support for TLS protected DNS in a range of nameserver implementations including:

  • getDNS
  • Unbound
  • NSD
  • Bind

Verisign Labs

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Project Plan

See here for more details of the project plan for Sinodun's contribution to T-DNS

Project Blog

Catch up with our progress on the T-DNS Blog


A list of useful Internet Drafts and technical reports is available here


Patches for the nameserver implementations can be found in our stash repository:


Also see: Nameserver implementations and TCP Fast Open

Quick start guide to using 'drill' to query our public NSD server using T-DNS


As part of this project a bis version of RFC5966 has been submitted: 


Project Notes

Various pages on project and implementation related issues:

Issue tracker

To see our active development issues see our T-DNS development issue tracker

Support issues can be entered in the support issue tracker.