Welcome to the DNS Privacy project home page

Sinodun is contributing to the collaborative DNS Privacy project (specifically DNS-over-TLS) which is headed up by Verisign Labs. This project is aimed at providing support for TLS protected DNS in a range of nameserver implementations including:

Verisign Labs

  • getdns
  • Unbound
  • NSD
  • Bind

Table of Contents


Implementation status: See the current status of DNS-over-TLS implementations in various DNS software

Clients: See details of what client software is available to test DNS-over-TLS

Test servers: See information on the current list of test servers configured to support DNS-over-TLS

DNS-over-TLS demo video: Watch a short video demonstrating TCP connection re-use, pipelining, TCP Fast Open and DNS-over-TLS

Project Blog

Catch up with our progress on the DNS-over-TLS Blog


A list of useful Internet Drafts and technical reports is available here



For a list of current drafts and RFCs and other relevant material see the Reference Material page.

Project Plan

See here for more details of the project plan for Sinodun's contribution to DNS-over-TLS

Project Notes

Various pages on project and implementation related issues:

Issue tracker

To see our active development issues see our DNS-over-TLS development issue tracker

Support issues can be entered in the support issue tracker.