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We consider Windows support for the Stubby CLI to be Beta at this time. It has been tested on Windows 10 and Windows 8. For Windows 7 advice see below.

User testing reports, bug reports and patches/pull requests are all welcomed via the Stubby github issue tracker!


Download and run the installer:    Stubby.msi


If you have changed the default config in the stubby.yml file and are running in Opportunistic mode then you may want to add an alternative DNS server in here for robustness. However DNS queries sent to this server will be sent clear text over UDP/TCP, so this is NOT recommended for Strict mode unless required for bootstrapping (e.g. in a corporate network).

Windows 7

This release has not been tested on Windows 7 but we have user reports that Stubby works fine on Windows 7. However, the Powershell scripts release with the installer do not work on Windows 7. Windows 7 users can manually update their system resolvers using the instructions above, or see this issue for a suggested script that should work on Windows 7. We hope to include Windows 7 scripts in the next version of the installer.