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An installer package for an alpha release of the StubbyManager GUI App is now available:


This is the 0.2.0 6 of the prototype Stubby GUI. It is still very much a work in progress and has only very basic functionality! It is being released at this stage to gain feedback and review from users. We welcome early testing of this application.


SHA256 Checksum:   be6dd379d8fc9c5dc05352ba97f901d86380621b1e0e6acbe771448a8618e1910b9de130ac55e02928a21f334ac5c481b092e6535445a402caa7bb165b0b3dba


This will overwrite any existing installation so if you have customised your Stubby configuration (either using the 'Advanced' button or by directly editing the stubby.yml file then make a backup before installing!

This version is built with 

  • getdns version: 1.45.2-rc1

  • openssl version: 1.1.1-pre61b

  • stubby version: 0.2.36

It has only been tested on Sierra and High Sierra.