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        directory: "/etc/unbound"
        username: unbound
        chroot: "/etc/unbound"
        # logfile: "/etc/unbound/unbound.log"  #uncomment to use logfile.
        pidfile: "/etc/unbound/"
        # verbosity: 1      # uncomment and increase to get more logging.
        # listen on all interfaces on port 853, answer queries from the local subnet.
        interface: ::0@853

        tls-service-key: "<path_to_private_key>"
        tls-service-pem: "<path_to_certifcate_file>"
        tls-port: 853
        incoming-num-tcp: 1000 # Number of simultaneous incoming TCP connections per thread to allow
		# Listen on UDP but still issues queries upstream over UDP. 
		# Only available in 1.6.7 and later
        do-udp: no
        udp-upstream-without-downstream: yes 
        qname-minimisation: yes # Enable QNAME minimisation to increase client privacy