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This package install the command line interface for Stubby. A future release will include a Graphical Interface to manage Stubby.

We consider Windows support for the Stubby CLI to be Beta at this time. It

Stubby has been tested on Windows 10 and Windows 8. There is limited support for Windows 7 - see below.

User testing reports, bug reports and patches/pull requests are all welcomed via the Stubby github issue tracker!



The installer currently overwrites all existing files so if you have made changes to the stubby.yml then you should create a backup of this file before upgrading!


SHA256 Checksum: 5a3ea837174be848fd296eaa1d5910aa24001c634cf32e478d007cca05e49d9d

This installs the following files in Latest installer is version 0.0.3 built from:

  • getdns version: 1.4.1

  • openssl version: 1.1.0g

  • stubby version: 0.2.0 (with updated config file to include Cloudflare)

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These contain the following files (installed in C:\Program Files\Stubby\ by the installer)

  • README.txt - containing these instructions
  • stubby.exe    - binary
  • stubby.yml    - configuration file
  • getdns_query.exe - tool for testing stubby
  • getdns_server_mon.exe - tool for probing servers
  • Powershell scripts for modifying system resolvers:
    • stubby_setdns_windows.ps1
    • stubby_resetdns_windows.ps1
    • Windows 7 versions of Powershell scripts (see below)

      • stubby_setdns_windows7.ps1

      • stubby_resetdns_windows7.ps1

  • Scripts to enable Stubby to be configured as a Scheduled Task

    • stubby.bat

    • stubby.xml

This version of the installer (0.0.2) is built from:

  • getdns version: 1.2.1rc-1 (with minor fixes)

  • stubby version: 0.2.0


It is recommended to use the default configuration file provided which will use 'Strict' privacy mode and spread the DNS queries among several of the current DNS Privacy test servers. Note that this file contains both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It installed in "C:\Program Files\Stubby\stubby.yml"