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Welcome to the DNS Privacy project home page

Sinodun This site is contributing to the result of a collaborative open project to promote, implement and deploy DNS Privacy. The goals of this project (specifically DNS-over-TLS) which was previously headed up by Verisign Labs with collaboration from NLnet Labs. This project is aimed at providing support for TLS protected DNS in a range of nameserver implementations including:


  • getdns
  • Unbound
  • NSD
  • Bind


    • Raising awareness of the issue of DNS Privacy
    • Empowering users to take advantage of DNS Privacy tools and resources (client applications, DNS Privacy resolvers)
    • Working towards full support for DNS Privacy in a range of Open Source DNS implementations including: getdns, Unbound, NSD, BIND and Knot (Auth and Resolver).

    Current contributors to this project include Sinodun IT, NLnet Labs and No Mountain Software. NLnet Foundation have also provided a donation to this work.

    Table of Contents


    Table of Contents



    Implementation status: See the current status of DNS-over-TLS implementations in various DNS software

    Clients: See details of what client software is available to test DNS-over-TLSClients: Meet 'Stubby' - a DNS Privacy stub resolver for use on client machines.

    Test servers: See information on the current list of DNS Privacy test servers configured to support available

    Implementation status: See the current status of DNS-over-TLS implementations in various DNS software

    DNS-over-TLS demo video: Watch a short video demonstrating TCP connection re-use, pipelining, TCP Fast Open and DNS-over-TLS


    See the IETF

    Watch the IETF 97 EDU DNS Privacy Tutorial!

    Project Blog

    Catch up with our progress on the DNS-over-TLS Blog


    For a list of useful RFCs, Internet Drafts and presentations see the Reference Material page.


    Project Plan

    See here for more details of the project plan for Sinodun's contribution to DNS-over-TLS

    Project Notes

    Various pages on project and implementation related issues:

    Issue tracker

    To see our active development issues see our DNS-over-TLS development issue tracker

    Support issues can be entered in the support issue tracker.

    Project Blog

    Catch up with our progress on the DNS-over-TLS Blog



    Thanks for past support from Verisign Labs for supporting this project. 

    Verisign Labs