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Stubby uses getdns, it is recommended to use the 1.1.1 3 release or later of getdns, and preferably the latest getdns stable release.



At the moment Stubby lives with the getdns code, but Stubby is being moved to its own home on github so keep an eye on this page for updates on how to install the latest versionAs of August 2017 Stubby has moved to its own repository and getdns is a library dependancy!

Stubby is supported on several platforms:

  • Linux
    • Build from source
    • Packages
  • macOS
    • Build from source
    • Homebrew Tap
    • Installer including prototype GUI on the way!
  • Windows

We hope to have support on mobile platforms in the future.


See our Stubby configuration guide.


Bugs or feature requests can be directed to either