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In both cases a command line interface for Stubby. A future release will include a Graphical Interface to manage Stubby.



The installer currently overwrites all existing files so if you have made changes to the stubby.yml then you should create a backup of this file before upgrading!

Release notes

Version 0.2.6

  • Update to use Stubby 0.2.6

Version 0.2.5

  • Previous versions of the installer were numbered 0.0.1 to 0.0.7. From this release onward we are adopting a new policy. Installer releases will have a 4 component version a.b.c.d. a.b.c gives the Stubby version. d indicates the installer package revision, starting at 0 for the first packaging of a given Stubby version.

  • The release now provides a 32bit install as well as a 64bit install.

    • On a 64bit Windows installation, a 32bit install will place files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Stubby. All other installs place files in C:\Program Files\Stubby.

  • This release corrects the default configuration file location to C:\Program Files\Stubby\stubby.yml. This path no longer needs to be specified on the command line.
  • stubby.bat has been updated to look for the configuration file in the same directory as the Stubby executable.

Latest installer is version built from:

  • getdns version: 1.5.1 (with minor fixes)

  • openssl version: 1.1.1b

  • stubby version: 0.2.5 (with minor fixes)

Latest chocolatey package is available here (the package has been submitted and is awaiting approval))

Latest msi and zip installers:

DescriptionFileSHA256 Checksum
64bit Windows Installer25b9a53c93110cf6e345419f6ce961014ae60271eb62830caa055e655179bc1d
32bit Windows Installerstubby-
Zip file with 64bit install


Zip file with 32bit install



These contain the following files by the installer.