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Stubby has been tested on Windows 10 and , should work on Windows 8. There is limited support for Windows 7 - see below.

User testing reports, bug reports and patches/pull requests are all welcomed via the Stubby github issue tracker!


Latest installer is version 0.0.6 7 built from:

  • getdns version: 1.45.21

  • openssl version: 1.1.11a

  • stubby version: 0.2.35

DescriptionFileSHA256 Chechsum
Windows Installer7a411cd526bf74bdcf2798d69b37ba01b689d690d14716346a49e0bdcc0e8723a2417b565b96116304b46f73b51177b8020ef180de93243608b03ec293c1f08e
Zip fileed8cad4966a267fe601a1f373a396d98a7c35e4e20e0e6e990b16ade1d2823bb


These contain the following files (installed in C:\Program Files\Stubby\ by the installer)