If you want to try out DNS-over-TLS then instructions are listed below.


Try DNS-over TLS 

Grab a DNS-over-TLS client tool:

Query a public NSD server patched to support DNS-over-TLS:

  • Verisign Labs are kindly hosting a zone on a server running NSD patched to support DNS-over-TLS for testing purposes.
    • The zone is named starttls.verisignlabs.com and it has A, AAAA, and TXT records for names from 'A' to 'Z'. 

    • The IP address of the server is currently - it might change so check for yourself. 


  • To query with getdns, run 'make getdns_query' to generate the getdns_query wrapper script in the test directory then 
    • getdns_query @<serverIP> -s -a -A -l L   (Pipelined TLS queries)
    • getdns_query @<serverIP> -s -a -A -l LT  (Pipelined TLS queries with fallback to TCP)
    • getdns_query @<serverIP>~<hostname> -s -a -A -l L -m (Pipelined TLS queries in strict mode using server hostname for authentication)

  • To query this with drill use: (the IP address is used here simply to stop the server name resolution falling back to TCP because your local resolver doesn't support DNS-over-TLS).

Decode in Wireshark

  • If you want to decode the DNS packets in Wireshark (use 1.12.1 or later)

    • download the server key file: nsd.key

    • configure the key in wireshark in Edit->Preferences

      • open the protocol list in the right hand menu and select SSL from the list
      • Click on the RSA keys list 'Edit' box and then click on 'New' in the dialog that appears
        • Enter '' for the IP addresss, '53' for the port and 'http' or 'spdy' for the protocal (DNS is not yet available here).
        • Use the Key File selector to choose the nds.key file you downloaded
      • Save this by hitting OK, OK and Apply.
      • Back in the main window use the Analyze->Decode as... option to choose to decode as SSL
      • Click on one of the packets labelled 'Application data' and you should see an additional tab appear in the Packet bytes view window of wireshark labelled "Decrypted SSL data".


  • The starttls.verisign.com zone is signed
  • The verisignlab.com server also supports TCP Fast open, as do both drill and digit.
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